What is Hemstitching?

A Hemstitching machine can do only one thing: Punch holes and sew around them. You cannot even run a straight stitch on one. It is a commercial sewing machine made for only one function. The machines were originally used on linens or fine clothing. Now they are used mainly for crocheting beautiful lace on baby blankets without the dangerous task of punching holes as you go. Many people still try to just punch the hook through the fabric, or some use an ice pick to make the holes. 

A Hemstitching machine is a sewing machine that Singer quit making about 50 years ago. There are several models available. Some of them just have one needle and bobbin like regular machines and you sew down one side while the machine punches holes, then you turn your fabric around and sew down the other side matching the holes as you go. Other models (like mine) have two needles and two bobbins that work in a zigzag motion to sew the holes open. Of course, the two needled machines are much easier to work with and save a lot of time since you only have to go around once.