My Story

About 20 years ago I noticed someone crocheting around the edge of flannel to make a darling baby blanket.  I asked her what it was and she explained that she had purchased the blanket already "hemstitched".  I saw there were little holes in the flannel just big enough to pull a small crochet hook through.  I so wanted to make one and already knew a few basic stitches.  She showed me how to crochet around the edge and within five minutes I was zipping away.  My problem:  I wanted/needed some of my own to do!

For the next five years she would bring back sets of blankets and burp cloths for me to crochet when she visited Utah--apparently it's a big thing there.  I was making them for every baby shower and baby gift.  Pregnant women began to tell me whether they were expecting a boy or a girl so I could make them a set.

Then, she moved away.  What was I going to do?  This was before the Internet and it made finding these difficult.  Coincidentally, we soon made a trip to Utah and I stocked up. Then, to make a long story short, we starting spending our winters in Arizona.  I found someone in Mesa through a local fabric store that had a home-based hemstitching business.  I was so excited--I now had a source only 30 minutes away!

Fast forward five more years.  Karen decided to sell her business after ten years and in May of 2012 I bought the business including the hemstitching machine.  I am the proud owner of this: